About Us

Shri Shri Sitaramdas Corporation.- Manufacturer & Exporter & is proud of contributing to more than 30% of the Silica Gel Market Share in India.

We aim to provide transparent, seamless ,end to end services to our reputed customers all over India and Globally.

We have more than 35 years of manufacturing experience in chemicalsĀ & silica gel production.

Shri Shri Sitaramdas Corporation can supply more than 300 MT annually..

Established in 2015 we are a company manufacturing silica gel of the top quality & we hold uninterruptedĀ long partnerships with several reputed companies .

While we take pride in our long lasting client relationship, we are also fortunate to have a core team of employees who have stayed with us since the formative years of our organization.

Our Fundamentals have been surrounded by entrepreneurship, relationship, inclusivity and transparency.

We aim to work together in the multi cultural, multi religious environment of our country .Accepting and respecting differences bearing in mind the true spirit of India.

It is our endeavor to be a force in the world for good in the world of business-A company that follows the highest level of ethics in business.

Super Silica gel pouch has a capability to observe 500% of moisture and is available in 2 grams - 50 gm pouches g

Container Desiccant bags 1 kg pack. “protecting cargo from moisture damage” having 250% absorption capacity

Column Chromatography Silica : 40-60 / 60-120 / 100-200 /200-400 mesh with 99% purity

Bamboo crystals pure white
Bamboo crystal transparent
Precipitate silica natural made from Rice husk and has 99% purity
Cat Litter silica based
Cat Litter clumping

(all available in customized pack and branding)

Function is to protect the package content against internal moistening by controlling and or degreasing the moisture level within the closed package.

It improves the shelf life of the medicines and vitamins pills that are packed in bottles and containers.

OUR SERVICES-An integrated flow of resources.

  • Regular Product research & development.
  • International Protocol & Quality control and Assurance

  • Systematic Order management.
  • Friendly Logistics.